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Are you concerned about crime in your neighbourhood?  Would you like an experienced, trained professional to conduct a personal consultation and survey of your home or business and produce an independent, personalised report, highlighting and recommending the additional security measures you could consider to enhance the solidity of your property?



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Are you concerned about crime in your neighbourhood? Would you like a trained professional to conduct a survey of your house and produce an independent, personalised report of what additional security measures you could consider to enhance the solidity of your home?

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If the answer to the above questions is yes, then who better to trust with giving you personal security advice, than a former police officer with 30 years experience in tackling all forms of criminality, who has skills in analysing and is alert to changing crime trends and has introduced preventative policing measures across Edinburgh, the Lothians, Scottish Borders and the East of Scotland with positive results in reducing property related crime. There is no comparison or alternative to tapping into the knowledge and experience of professionals who have been directly involved in investigative work, intelligence gathering, working within the Communities and introduced working practices shown to be instrumental in deterring and preventing criminal activity and anti-social behaviour across the country.

Within our communities, there is genuine concern for burglaries and other crimes targeting the hard earned possessions of decent members of the public.  Homeland Security and Investigations Ltd has been set up as a new independent company to undertake full and professional security surveys of clients dwellings, business premises, outside space, vehicles and property. As an integral part of the survey consultation, each client will be provided with an individual assessment, written recommendations and advice on security measures for them to consider before deciding on the best course of action to better protect themselves, their families and make their property a more secure environment.

There are many simple and inexpensive steps people can take to improve on their security and make their homes, businesses and possessions less attractive to criminals. Homeland Security includes recommendations as part of the client consultation and surveys.


Core Features


Independent Survey

Full independent survey, with no obligation for the client to follow up on any recommendations given. Clients can be reassured that Homeland Security will carry out the work with professionalism, honesty, integrity, confidentiality and to the specific needs of each client.

Personal Consultation

Each consultation involves a personal visit to the clients home or business address, a full survey conducted of their property, outbuildings, gardens and vehicles and advice and recommendations given as to what measures could be adopted to provide better security.

Personalised Copy

Each client will be issued with a personalised copy of their security survey, which will enable them to better consider their security options and pursue any course of action they deem appropriate.



  • Up to 2 Bedrooms
  • Personal Consultation
  • full survey
  • personalised security recommendations

Larger Residential Property or Business Premises

  • Over 4 Bedrooms
  • Gardens
  • Outbuildings
  • Personal Consultation
  • full survey
  • personalised security recommendations

Additional Services and Industry Contacts

We cannot escape a world dominated by the daily use of IT, but this can bring uninvited intrusion from scammers, online fraudsters, Cyber criminals and interference on social media.

For those clients who wish to install more robust security technology and equipment, we have contacts with companies and professional individuals who have specialisms in alarm and CCTV installation, IT security, building, joinery and electrical installations, locksmith services, social media investigation and  tracking devices to monitor and locate vehicles, bicycles and other property who would be happy to provide quotations for requested work.


Alarm/CCTV Installation


Security Products

IT Security

Locksmith Services


Social Media Investigations

Tracking Devices

Building Joinery Electrical Installations


With 30 years experience of having protected and helped the public in a policing domain, you can be assured that Homeland Security personnel will prioritise your safety and security and deliver a professional service, which will be tailored to your specific requirements, be in your best interests and focused on maintaining your personal security.

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